Monday, August 25, 2008

CORE Potato Chips

I made home made chips last night. Usually we use oven chips and I cop the points, but I had the oven on making filo pies, so I made homemade chippies too.
Almost-hubby said "What did you do to the chips? They are fluffy on the inside and disintegrate in my mouth"

Click here for potato wedges

Serves: adjustable

Difficulty: Easy


  • Large potatoes (suggest 100-150g for "reducers", 200-250g for hungry men/children)
  • oil spray

Peel potatoes and cut into chunky strips approx 1cm x 1cm x length of spud
Line baking tray with alfoil. Spray with oil spray.
Place chips in single layer and spray with oil.
Place into preheated hot oven and bake until golden and some corners going darker brown (around 25-30mins).
Serve immediately.

Note - if your oven element is on top, I suggest putting the tray in the bottom half of the oven, or they may burn before they cook.

Not on Core? Potato is 1.5 points for 150g or 2 points for 200g

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