Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tip 2 - Frozen Savoury Mince

Cook up a few kilos of premium beef mince with garlic and onions.
Portion into snaplock bags and freeze in meal sized serves (eg 100-150g per family member). For a household of 2, I usually package in 250-300g bags

You can make dozens of meals in a real hurry when you have savoury mince.

Some ideas:
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • "Hamburgers" - defrost beef on low, stir through a egg or 2 and fry in egg rings
  • Hokkien noodles (use frozen vegies and soy sauce - yum)
  • Wraps - warm mince, cottage cheese (low fat cheddar if you're happy to use some points), salad.
  • Beef Yiros (souvlaki, donner, gyro etc) lettuce, tomato and Hommus or fat free ranch dressing (0.5pt for 2 TB Kraft 99% FF)
  • Minestrone soup
  • Chilli con carne
  • Cottage / Shepherds pie
  • Pastie slices - 2 rye mountain breads on top of each other for strength - diced canned tomatoes, defrosted frozen vegies and roll it up like a swiss roll (a little water to seal). Bake or nuke.
  • Out of sandwich meat for the family? This makes awesome sandwiches, but needs "something" to stick to the bread (cottage cheese, marg, BBQ/tomato sauce, relishes, mayo etc)
  • Tacos / burritos / tortillas. Mix in a can of 3 bean mix, cumin, chilli, some tomato, lettuce, salsa and cheese. (I use rye mountain bread and cottage to stay pure Core)


  • With a little tomato paste, savoury mince is greta in jaffles (mg bread of course)
  • Add some curry poweder or curry paste and serve with rice - good for the nights you're in a hurry but want something a little spicy.
  • Meatballs (to add to pasta and tomato sauce) - by adding some cooked rice and an egg to the mix, shaping into balls and broning in a frypan.
  • Cooking up portions of minced lamb or even chicken (ask the butcher to run a couple of trimmed chicken breasts through the mincer) makes a nice change. The lamb is lovely with tomatoes, sliced eggplant and LF ricotta ( a sort of moussaka) while the chicken makes tasty patties etc.

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