Sunday, September 7, 2008

CORE - The Perfect Omelette

Serves: 1
Instructions are for 1 x 2 egg omelette in a bread and butter plate skillet. Double for a 4 egg omelette in a dinner plate sized pan.

Difficulty: Easy


  • 2 eggs
  • olive oil or spray

There are 2 keys to the perfect omelette:
(1) use a non stick pan
(2) for every egg you use a half egg shell of water - thank you year 9 Home Ec teacher! This works for any type or size of egg (I've done with duck eggs)

Spray pan with oil (or use paper towel).
Heat pan on high (eg 8/10 setting) until pan is very hot.
Add 2 eggs and 2 half eggshells of water to a bowl and whisk (or blender or shake) until very fluffy.
Pour into pan, gently rolling the pan to give good coverage (it should look like a weird cappacino).
Turn down to medium-low (eg 2/10) and cook without a lid until only the top 1mm or so isn't set (the fluff will still be there).
Sprinkle with salt/pepper/herbs and spread "filling" on half of the omellet (warm it a little if you are putting heaps in)
Cook a further couple of minutes until egg is set and doesn't look "wet"
With a big spatula (try 2 spatulas for large omelettes), fold in half and slide onto plate.
Serve immediately! Omelettes lose their fluffiness if they sit.

Filling suggestions:

  • grated low fat cheese (family friendly). You could also add bacon or ham
  • ricotta/cottage cheese, tomatoes (deseed), Italian herbs, bacon
  • asparagus, corn, capsicum and salsa
  • cooked mushrooms
  • mince, salsa, baked beans
  • ham, mushrooms, olives, tomato, pineapple, touch of grated cheese, Italian herbs (think like calzone - your favourite pizza flavour is great!)
  • left over roast chicken, and chopped vegies with cottage cheese
  • have a half serve of "left overs"? Many leftovers can be used in omelettes (ask, "would I put it in a toasted sandwich?")
  • MY FAVE - cottage cheese, smoked chicken breast, asparagus, corn, capsicum, spring onion, basil

If you put a decent filling in, you probably won't want toast with it.

Not on Core? The basic omelette is approx 3 points for 2 eggs, plus whatever you use as filling

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