Saturday, August 2, 2008

CORE Breakfast Mousse

This is similar to Oats and Yoghurt Slice but has been blended for a smooth consistency.

Serves: 2

Difficulty: Easy

  • 1 packet diet apricot and peach jelly
  • 1 200 g tub vanilla Nestle Diet yoghurt
  • 1 snack pack size tub/can peaches in juice
  • 100g quick oats
  • 3 tsp Splenda
  • Optional - chopped fruit to top

Dissolve jelly in 1 cup boiling water, mix with stab mixer.
Add peaches and oats and blend. Add yoghurt and Splenda and blend again.
Pour into 2 glasses and set in fridge overnight.

Not on Core? The total of this recipe is approx 7 points or 3.5 points per serve

Alternatives: Mix up your flavours.
I used peach and apricot because that's what I had.
Try raspberry jelly and strawberry yoghurt, melon jelly and vanilla yoghurt, port wine and vanilla yoghurt, orange-mango jelly with mango yoghurt, lemon jelly and vanilla yoghurt (it's "almost" a lemon cheesecake)
I don't recommend lime - bright green food is so wrong if you are out of junior primary school!

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