Sunday, May 4, 2008

CORE Roast Vegetables with Sea Salt and Rosemary

Serves: depends on quantity made

Hint: Make double (or triple) then tomorrow all you need to do is grill up some meat and dinner is done!

Freezes well

Difficulty: Easy


Whatever roast vegetables your family likes - great with just potatoes, or a mix of all

  • Any or all of these vegies: Potato, Pumpkin, Carrots, Parsnip, Onion, Capsicum, Sweet potato
  • Olive oil (or oil spray)
  • Sea salt
  • Twig of rosemary (or dried Mixed/Italian herbs)


Peel vegies which need peeling, and cut into cubes about 2-3cm. (I prefer skin on pumpkin for that lovely nutty flavour, but depends on your family). Capsicum should be deseeded and cut into chunks. Onions should be peeled and whole if small, or quartered.
Get out a large flat lasagna style dish (not metal if possible) and spray the base with oil.
Add vegies in one layer if possible.
Sprinkle with rosemary or dried herbs and about 2 TB salt.
Bake at 200*C until golden (30-40 mins for 2-3 cm cubes, more if chunkier)

For a nice treat, spray and sprinkle some cherry tomatoes.

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