Sunday, May 4, 2008

CORE Peach / Apricot Mousse

This is a great recipe when you have visitors, as it separates into 3 layers and looks like you've spent all day making a fancy layered dessert. It doesn't tend to layer well in wide glass bowls, so if for dessert, I suggest using plain el cheapo juice glasses (like the ones jam come in). You can use champagne glasses if you like, but they don't fit well in my fridge.

Is is also Core for snacks - put in plastic containers or disposable plastic glasses.

Serves: 4

Difficulty: Easy


  • 2 x 200 g Yoplait ForMe yoghurt in apricot, peach or vanilla flavour
  • 2 x sachets Aeroplane Peach Apricot Diet Jelly
  • 1 x 400g can (or half a big can) of peaches or apricots in juice

Optional - a few drops of sweetener


Empty the jelly crystals into a heatproof mixing bowl with a capacity of at least 2l.
Add 1 cup of boiling water and use stab mixer to mix.
Add 1 cup of cold water.
Optional - if using sweetener, add here. I only use if having regular people for dinner who expects sweets to be ummm......sweet :)
Leave on bench and allow to cool to room temp (1 hour or so)
Meanwhile, drain the canned peaches/apricots. Slice half and arrange at the bottom of the glasses. It is OK for a little juice to be pooled around them - for some strange reason it seems to cause a layer.
When the jelly mix is cool, add the rest of the tinned peaches/apricots and blend.
Add the yoghurt and blend. Tilt the blender at an angle to it breaks the surface of the mix to add air to the mix. It needs bubbles on the top. (You can put in fridge for 30 mins and blend if you don't get bubbles).
Pour into the glasses with fruit and put in fridge to set for a few hours.

You can use whatever flavour canned fruit, jelly or yoghurt you have to hand to make interesting flavour combos, however, I do not recommend using lime jelly (green colour is way too weird). If using a strong flavoured jelly, go for vanilla flavoured yoghurt to tone down a bit.

I also do not recommend using berries as you get that gritty seeds messing up the smooth texture (like in smoothies).
I also do not recommended any type of acidic fresh fruit like oranges or kiwi as it might make the yoghurt separate (and they have enzymes which can break down the setting power of gelatine).
You could use fresh stoned fruit which has been peeled and steamed.

Not on Core? The total of this recipe is approx 4 points


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Again an awesome dish. Used pineapple jelly, passionfruit yoghurt and peaches, sooo nice, and a great evening snack. Again thanks, can't wait for more.