Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CORE Frozen Fruit Salad

An excellent way of dealing with fruit which ripes quickly in the heat.
And very refresing on a hot day

Serves: 1+ depending on amount of fruit used

Difficulty: Very Easy, but needs some lead time

Fruit which is great frozen:
  • ripe banana/s - peeled and cut into slices about 1.5cm thick
  • ripe stone fruit, like nectarines (leave skin on) or peaches (peel) - chop into slices/pieces, no more than 1cm thick, sprinke with lemon juice
  • seedless grapes - stalk removed
  • oranges - cut into slices/wedges no more than 1-1.5cm thick
Lay fruit out flat on a tray and freeze. When frozen you can put into a dry tub in the freezer.

Arrange as many peices and types of fruit as needed on a plate and eat with your fingers

Notes -
  • If your freezer makes icecream rock hard, I'd suggest letting it sit for a few minutes before eating, otherwise eat straight away
  • For kids or for some pizazz, thread fruit on a skewer and freeze
  • You can also stick pop sticks into banana to make creamy "ice cream"

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