Monday, September 22, 2008

CORE Basic Crepes

Recipe is suitable for sweet or savoury crepes
This recipe keeps nicely in the fridge, cooked or in batter form.
Cover tightly with plastic wrap so it doesn't absorb other fridge flavours

Serving suggestion - a platter of sliced fruits and vanilla yoghurt (cream for non-watchers), build your own style for desert of breakfast.

Note - these cook very quickly and need all your attention for 10-15 minutes. Keep the kiddies occupied somehow :)

Makes: 14 crepes the size of bread and butter plates

Difficulty: Easy

  • 2 eggs
  • 200ml nonfat milk
  • 1/2 cup cornflour (80g or 6 TB)
  • oil spray

You'll also need paper towel

Whisk eggs, milk, then add flour and whisk a little more.
Heat a small non-stick skillet (I used a 18cm) until very hot. A heavy based skillet is best.
Spray skillet lightly with oil.
Pour 20-30ml of the batter into the pan (I measured 30 ml in a medicine glass) and QUICKLY swirl the pan. The batter will cook in about 20 seconds, so be quick!
When the batter no longer looks shiny, flip and cook other side for about 20 secs.
Get a plate and put one sheet of paper towel on it.
Flip the crepe onto the plate.
Repeat, stacking the crepes with a sheet between each one (stops them getting soggy and sticking together.

To serve, put a few teaspoons of cold filling and roll up (or fold up). For hot crepes, microwave for about 20-30 secs each.

Not on Core? The total of this recipe is 9 points (2 pts for 3 crepes)

Note - the acceptability of using of corn flour in "Core" cooking is debatable, as not all brands corn flours are Core. If in doubt, the amount used is 4 points, divvy up.


Anonymous said...

these were delicious. it took me until the 2nd crepe to get the hang of flipping them over, but they were really yummy! i made big ones - the size of dinner plates. and it made 5 of these.

Anonymous said...

DELICIOUS! i've recently found out that i'm lactose intolerant, and so made these with a low fat soy milk. definitely not as nice as with regular dairy milk, but still really yummy... especially when slathered with yoghurt and fresh raspberries! i have a photo, if you want to add it to your collection dazey, let me know?