Sunday, May 25, 2008

Core Chocolate and Berry Cheesecake

By request, I have Cored up a cheesecake! It's not as creamy as a regular cheesecake, because funnily enough there's no cream cheese in it. However, it is sweet with a nice smooth texture.

Serves: depends on how big a piece of cake you want!
At least 4 decent sized serves - I made it square, approx 12 x 12cm and 4cm high

Difficulty: Easy


Cheese layer:
  • 1 sachet diet raspberry jelly (or try orange flavour for Jaffa fans)
  • 100 g Yoplait ForMe Vanilla (1/2 tub single serve tub)
  • 250g low fat Ricotta (I used Perfect Italiano Light)
  • 2 TB cocoa
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • artificial sweetener, equivilant of 2TB sugar (if you like it sweet, double this)

Base Layer:

  • 2 cup Weeties
  • 1 1/2 tsp gelatin
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • artificial sweetener, equivilant of 2TB sugar

OK, first thing to know - I moved house recently to co-hab with almost-hubby. 2 kitchens' worth of stuff into 1 kitchen meant many boxes haven't been opened. So I haven't found my cake tins, so I made this upside-down in a sandwich size lunch box so the rounded corners would be on the top. If you have a cake tin, then by all means, please do the conventional way with the base on the ummm....base :)

Second thing - this makes a very small cheesecake (a-h not fond of, so only made as much as I was happy to eat). You may wish to double it as this makes one about 12cm square and about 4cm high.


Cheese layer:
Mix jelly with 60ml boiling water with a stab mixer.
Add rest of ingredients and blend.
Pour into a plastic tub, or cake tin and fridge for a couple of hours

Base layer:
In a tall narrow container, use stab mixer to reduce Weeties to crumbs (big bowl = mess!)
In a bowl, mix gelatin with 1/3 cup boiling water, add vanilla and sweetener.
Stir in the Weeties crumbs.
Top the cheese layer with the crumbs layer and smooth down (hint - do this with wet fingertips!)
Fridge until base is set.
Loosen from container (I use a butter knife around edge, then flip onto a plate and tap base. I find it easier to get jelly stuff out of flexible plastic rather than the dip-in-hot-water method used with metal moulds/tins)

Optional - Garnish with some berries

  • Jaffa
    Substitute orange jelly for raspberry jelly
  • Chocolate
    Substitute 2 tsp gelatine for raspberry jelly and increase cocoa
  • Mocha
    Substitute 2 tsp gelatine for raspberry jelly. Mix with a 60ml shot of espresso instead of water (or 2 tsp instant coffee in 60ml boiling water)
  • Berry
    Omit cocoa, mix through 1/4 cup of crushed/chopped berries.

Not on Core? The total for this whole recipe is 7.5


Anonymous said...

Core cheesecake? Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic Dee!!! So simple to make and it is DELICIOUS!!! The hardest part was waiting for it to set so i could eat it!!! Yummmo!! You are a legend!!! :o)


Erin said...

this was yummoo! just made the cheese bit in cups for dessert - mocha version was fabulous! who would have thought something that tasted so rich and delicious actually isn't that bad for you :) LOVE IT!!!