Friday, June 25, 2010

Core Chicken and Roast Capsicum Bread Scrolls (Multigrain)

This little scrolls go nicely with a bowl of winter vegetable soup.
Also great for party nibblies (this size or smaller)

Note: You can also substitute white bread mix instead of multigrain, but it won't be Core. Points will be about the same

Makes: 24 small scrolls (about 6-8cm), or make larger if you prefer
Difficulty: Medium
Cooking time: 25 mins + 2+ hours preparation time

  • 500g multigrain bread mix
  • water and dry yeast ** 20 ml LESS water than instructions and 1/2 tsp MORE yeast **
  • 120g baked/grilled chicken breast, diced small
  • 2/3 a 300g jar of El Paso Roast Capsicum Salsa
  • 30g extra sharp grated shredded parmesan (you want the one in 'sticks' not like powder - Milel and Perfect Italiano brands are good)
  • Optional - 1 TB dried onion flakes
Follow instructions on bread premix to make dough and rise once -  BUT use 20 ml LESS water than instructions and 1/2 tsp MORE yeast. (If using a bread maker, put on dough setting which takes about 1.5 hours).
Option - If using onion flakes, mix into the dough with other dry ingredients
Meanwhile combine chicken and salsa.
Line a baking tray or lamington/swiss roll tray with baking paper.
Turn the dough onto a floured surface and cut in half.
Roll out one piece of dough to a rectangle about 20cm wide.
Spread half of the chicken mix onto the dough, leaving 1cm on one long side, and 4cm on the other.
Sprinkle with 1/3 of the parmesan,
Starting from the long side with the 1cm border, gently start rolling the dough up like a swiss roll.
Using a very sharp knife or dough cutter, cut into 3 pieces, then cut each piece into 4, making 12 pices, probably 1.5-2cm high.
To make large scrolls, cut only into 6 or 8 taller pieces.
Place onto tray so that there is barely half centimeter between each piece. This is important so the scrolls rise up instead of out. In a swiss roll tray, I packed 4 x 6.
Repeat with the other piece of dough.
Put a pinch of the remaining parmesan on the top of each scroll.
Put somewhere warm to rise until they are at least half as big again. They should be touching now.
Bake at 200*C for 20-25 minutes until golden brown

On Core? The parmesan is only 2.5 pts for the whole receipe , so no need to count. 2-3 of the small size scrolls= 2 bread allowance.

Not on Core? The total Points for this recipe depends on the bread mix used

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