Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Dee actually writing a real recipe book?

I have actually starting working on my recipe book and I would like your opinion.

What are your favourite recipes from my blog that you think MUST be included?

What makes a GREAT recipe book?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Just click the comments section.

Cheers and thanks


Snow said...

I like recipe books to include basic nutritional info (cal, fat, carbs etc) of meals - not just "points" as WW ones do.
And good pictures help to make recipes more enticing.

Heidi said...

I agree with the nutritional info - very useful.

I also like a picture with every recipe. I don't buy recipe books without photos - just not that inspiring.

I also like recipe books that have a spiral bound spine so that the book can lay flat on the kitchen counter whilst cooking. Don't like recipe books that have tight bound spines that close if you don't hold them open with something. Frustrating!

I think all of your recipes on the blog are fantastic Dee. Perhaps you might consider getting a small group of testers to try ones you're thinking about - that way if they work out like they should you know they're a winner!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Heidi's comment about spiral backed book....excellent idea!!

I would like to add that the recipe book I would use the most is one that has everyday family meals in it....nutritionally sound as well as common economical ingredients. Stuff you would find in your pantry. Good luck with your project!

Liz said...

Hi Dee
First of all congratulations on your blog and good luck with your recipe book. Very exciting!

You MUST include my absolute favorite "Sri Lankin Fish Curry" So easy, and so tasty!

I also won't buy a recipe book that doesn't have a picture for every recipe.

Berrie said...

I like all your recipes its hard to pick one..but maybe a good selection from all types of food including vegetarian :)