Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Almost Core Tower Salad - rocket, pumpkin, beet, ricotta, nuts

This is a wonderful salad for quiet night at home or for a fancy dinner party. It looks amazing with it's variety of colours, with great contrasts in flavours, textures and shapes.

Serves: adjustable

Difficulty: Easy

  • rocket
  • pumpkin or sweet potato
  • baby beetroot, drained
  • low fat ricotta
  • walnuts (not Core)

Peel pumpkin or sweet potato and cut into cubes about 1.5 cm. Spread on a baking tray, spray with a little oil and bake until slightly golden. Cool and refrigerate.

Building the salad:
It is a tower salad, built up layers in slightly smaller rings on your serving plate.
Layer 1 - a bed of rocket
Layer 2 - roasted pumpkin/sweet potato
Layer 3 (just before serving) - baby beets
Layer 4 - thick layer of low fat ricotta
Layer 5 - sprinkle walnuts on top. I suggest chopping them into chunks as walnuts are a bit 'pointy' at 3 for 10 halves (30g)

On Core? Just count the walnuts

Not on Core? Sorry, this is a hard one to point out without giving quantities.

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